Acne Consultation
(for first time clients) - 75 minutes


The first step to clear skin: a thorough consultation. Since acne can be a multi-faceted disorder, it is important that we address all of the possible underlying triggers.

What to expect at your first appointment:

Consultation. After learning about your unique struggles with acne, we will discuss what causes acne and thoroughly go over any medications, allergies, sensitivities and lifestyle choices that may affect your skin and trigger acne. You will be given the “Acne Bible” which lists the many acne triggers to ensure you eliminate any potential clear skin saboteurs!

Skin Analysis. We will identify your particular skin/acne type so that we can determine what is the best treatment plan and skin care products for you to

receive optimum results. We give you an estimate, in our professional opinion, of how long it will take to get your acne under control.

Home Care. Together, we will go over your customized skin care regimen step-by-step to make sure you thoroughly understand how to effectively use your skin care products to accelerate your results and to clear your skin.***

Our follow-up. I care very much about your results, so please feel free to contact me after your treatment should you have any questions or concerns. I also want you to contact me right away if you are not sure you’re doing your routine correctly or the skin care products don’t feel right. I believe that strong communication is key to a successful clearing your skin as quickly as possible.

Acne Facial
(after initial visit)


The acne treatments are not one-time fixes. As a part of the proven clear skin program, we will need to see you every 2 weeks until you are mostly clear and then periodically until you can stay clear with your home care routine. Each acne treatment has a specific focus for what the skin needs at the time of treatment. Sometimes the skin will need more hydration, other times it will need more anti-bacterial and/or anti-inflammatory action. There are 4 reasons for getting treatments bi-monthly:

• For exfoliating the skin so that home-care product can penetrate the pore more easily.
• For hydrating the skin so that the skin is receptive to your home-care regimen. The products also tend to dry out the skin somewhat as you are getting used to them.
• For extracting existing acne impactions.
• For killing acne bacteria inside the pore

At the beginning of every treatment, we will analyze your skin to assess which treatment would serve you best. It typically takes about six treatments over a three-month period of time to get you mostly to completely clear; significant results will be seen within six weeks. After your acne is under control, you have to maintain your home-care regimen to keep your acne managed. Many of our current clients come in for a tune up acne treatment every 4-6 weeks just to keep their skin as healthy as possible.

*First time clients must begin with Acne Consultation
*Add On for Back or Chest Treatment $40