Are Sunglasses Anti-Aging?

You’ve probably never thought about it, but your sunglasses can be very anti-aging!

Here is how to make sure your sunglasses are working for you:

~ First and foremost, make sure that your sunglass lens have 100% UV protection. Polarized lens have nothing to do with UV protection so they may or may not have 100% UV protection. Be sure to double check the UV protection if you have polarized sunglasses!

~ Friction from your sunglasses rubbing against your nose or under your eyes can cause post inflammatory pigmentation or dark marks in the areas where they rub. Be sure to have well fitting, comfortable glasses/sunglasses that you don’t have to push back into place to minimize this friction.

~ Your sunglasses can “wipe away” your sunscreen. Taking off and putting on your sunglasses can literally wipe away your sunscreen leaving your precious under eyes susceptible to sun damage. Do your best to reapply a physical sunscreen (like Emme Diane™Mineral Tinted SPF 40) to your skin, especially the eye area a few times during the day. Also, keep in mind, if you are prone to rubbing your eyes during the day, you will be wiping off the sunscreen as well (so don’t forget to reapply!)

~ Avoid the mirrored, reflective sunglasses. These glasses will literally intensify the UV rays to the skin directly under your eyes. Much like how the sun’s rays are intensified from being near a pool, ocean or in the snow.

~ Opt for the trendy, large plastic frame sunglasses that cover your whole eye area (as opposed to the metal frames that can reflect UV rays as well). These will offer the best protection for your delicate skin around your eyes.

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